Wonderful Wonderlab in Bradford

By Paweł Kuziemski.

This year was the most successful year for the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford in the last ten years.

They brought a thousand more visitors than in the previous year.

But The Telegraph & Argus reported that few years ago the number of visitors dropped down so much, that the museum was at serious risk of closing.

However, the museum does not agree with that.

“We never had any problem with bringing people in.

“All that risk of closing was caused by the cuts in funds given by government in the 2013.

“But as soon as people found out about it they started to support us, and cuts turned out to be only 5 per cent, so remained opened,” said Phil Oates, Press Manager of the museum.

The small decrease in the last season was caused by renovation of the main gallery.

Since it was reopened, the number of visitors started growing.

The new gallery, called Wonderlab, is focused on sound and light science and costed £1.8m.


“We want to draw in new visitors, encourage existing ones to come more often and open a whole new chapter for the museum,” said Jo Quinton-Tulloch, Museum Director, in the official statement.

According to the feedback received by the museum, 95 per cent of visitors are pleased and would recommend the museum to other people.

“I love it. The museum itself is great,” said Sarah de Launey, a visitor, who came to Bradford especially to see the National Science and Media Museum.

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