Will Pedal-powered cinemas be the new big thing?

By Samiya Ahmad

There is a new way to watch movies, interact with people and also exercise at the same time!

One of the event’s this week, at Capital of Cycling, Hall Ings, are Showing the film Mr Bean.

The events are suitable for both those who have never cycled before, or an an experienced cyclist. Everyone is welcomed.

The events  provide refreshments and you are allowed to bring your own food as well.

All the bicycle-powered cinemas are 100% human powered and completely off-grid. So all the electricity is made from the cyclists. The film isn’t generated with any batteries, generators or back-up power sources.

There aim is to encourage people to think about energy consumption and also to reduce their own every day energy.

Below is the link of the interview of volunteer Camille Thomas, 27 who is a Project Manager for the Grass Roots Group, she tells us how they fund this, how people find out about the events, how many events happen in the year, how long has she  been doing it, and also how to improve these events.









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