West Yorkshire Supermarkets join the pledge to cut plastic pollution

By Adele Lyth

West Yorkshire based supermarkets Morrisons and Asda are among 40 different retailers to pledge cutting plastic pollution.

These retailers have promised to ban plastic by 2025 and vow to change the design of their packaging.

The UK Plastic Pact was introduced by Environmental Secretary Michael Gove.

The aim of the pact is to eliminate single use plastic packaging items through redesign and create the packaging so it can be reused multiple times.

Michael Gove told the Daily Mail, that this is only possible if the government, businesses and the public join forces and work together to achieve this.

The use of multi-used plastic has already been achieved in the Netherlands by the supermarket Ekoplaza.

It aims to accomplish plastic free aisles in all of their 74 branches by the end of 2018.

This supermarket is a leading example to our UK supermarkets such as Asda and Morrisons as it gives them an idea on what the future can also hold for the UK.

The cutting of single used plastic has already been seen to be put in action across Yorkshire with the very popular chain, Wetherspoons, cutting plastic straws and stirrers being able to be used.

Morrisons are planning to go that extra step further by trialling in certain stores the removal of plastic packaging from their own branded fruit and vegetables.

They will also encourage customers to bring their own containers to package meat or fish that is bought from their counters.

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