We need to punish badly behaving sporting stars

By Matthew Ward

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“It’s a big mistake” quoted Kepa Arizzabalaga after refusing to come of the pitch during the League Cup final on Sunday. Kepa who twice required treatment during extra time waved away a substitution which caused and fit of anger from Manager Maurizio Sari.

Kepa who after the final was fined by the club for his actions gave an apology to the club and especially Sari himself. However this reject attitude from Kepa sparked debates around football fans of his actions and his stupidity.

Whilst Kepa has received his punishment with a fine the reactions for some Chelsea fans where quite mixed. One Chelsea fan quoted “Obey the order first, complain later!!!” another said quite jokingly “You don’t need to apologize, you are now the manager”. Kepa’s actions have sparked the question of should bad Behaviour be tolerated in sport?

Kepa’s actions are certainly stupid and quite childish to not obey your manager is quite disrespectful, but however if Kepa worked in an office and he refused his boss in the office he would be sacked straight away without any objections so the fact that he disobeyed his manager is quite criminal almost, the punishment for his actions should be more than a fine in my opinion he really should be transfer listed.

This seems like a justifiable punishment for his actions.

However with regarding bad behaviour in sport many sports have had many problems with bad behaviour, take for instance UFC and Connor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov a lot of social and environmental issues where caused by that fight with both fighters offending each other online and much controversy seconds after the fight.

Both fighters eventually received a punishment and apologized. But this bad behaviour should not be tolerated, many fans of fighting sports like UFC and Boxing cause much more controversy on the streets. Many fans of opposing players or teams will brawl on the streets publicly because of dislike for each other. Furthermore if younger children see the bad behaviour on display they might translate it into real life.

Whatever the opinions this sort of behaviour should not be tolerated as the people taking part should be professional and at a professional, if their experienced in their sport then they should know how to conduct themselves in situations, professionals who don’t conduct themselves and a professional manner should certainly be punished.

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