Vardy lookalike goes viral

Jamie Vardy lookalike Lee Chapman joins Jamie Vardy and the Leicester City team on their way to a Premier League title celebration dinner on May 3, 2016 in Leicester, England.

By Andrew Smith

Jamie Vardy may be doing Yorkshire proud, but it’s his lookalike who is stealing the headlines.

Lee Chapman, a Royal Mail Postman from Leicester, has had the week of his life. Chapman, has risen to stardom for one particular reason, he is Jamie Vardy’s lookalike.

We spoke to Lee to hear about the crazy week he’s had, including meeting Vardy on the Leicester City coach. Lee said: “Where do I start, it’s mind boggling, I’m absolutely lost for words.”

Lee began his remarkable journey eight months ago, just as Leicester City set out on their epic journey to becoming Premier League champions. He said: “Fans started noticing me outside the ground, I was bombarded by fans who wanted photos.”

Chapman’s rise to national stardom began when he began appearing on social media, and then Soccer AM. However, on Tuesday, Lee went viral after he was invited on to the Leicester City coach. Lee said: “The coach pulled up at the side of me, the players were banging on the window and pointing, all of a sudden the doors slid open and Claudio Ranieri said ‘Jamie’, I went on board and the players started cheering and taking photos, Jamie himself said I wasn’t as good looking as him.”

Lee says he has had a “mental” week, he has done interviews not just for national media outlets, but across the globe. He has appeared on Good Morning Britain, BBC World News, Sky Sports, Radio 1 and TalkSport in the last few days.

Lee isn’t leaving the post service world entirely behind though, he has been allowed to take a career break in order to pursue his lookalike career, he also hopes to help the Royal Mail in its charitable endeavours. In the meantime, Lee has offers to travel across the world, including Dubai, Ayia Napa and Ibiza. On the subject of a possibly Jamie Vardy movie, Chapman said: “I’d love the get involved if I can.”

Lee’s resemblance to the Sheffield sensation has landed him in a few tricky situations. On Tuesday, as the Leicester players were eating an Italian meal, Lee almost took Vardy’s place at a photoshoot. He said: “A Mercedes pulled up next to me, a lady said my helicopter would be ready in 10 minutes for a photoshoot at the FA, I asked if she was sure it was for me and she insisted it was, I rang my agent and he had no clue I had a booking with the FA, I asked if she meant Jamie Vardy and she said yes, I then explained that I wasn’t the real Vardy, to her surprise.”

Lee has had an extraordinary week and hopes that he can get his hands on the trophy when Leicester play on Saturday.

Lee Chapman (@Lee_Chappy) will appear on season two of ‘Lookalikes’ (@LookalikesC4) on Channel 4.

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