Unseen photos of Roundhay Park revealed

by Aston Lamb


Photos of Roundhay Park, one of Leeds’ most popular parks, are to go on show.

Over 100 photos of the park have been donated from the public and Leeds City Council, the photos span from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

Dr David Churchill, who is a member of the research team, said: “The photos underline the important role that parks have played in the life of this city since the Victorian era when many of them came into being”.

“The creation of parks allowed people to escape from the rapidly growing city, to get out and enjoy themselves. There’s little doubt they’ve had a major impact on people’s health and recreational lives.”

The rare photos includes scenes from a zoo that was popular in Roundhay Park in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and also include scenes from Britain’s ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign during World War II.

The exhibition will run alongside the University of Leeds’ project “The future prospects of urban parks” in which a survey revealed that Roundhay Park is Leeds’ most popular park, with almost two out of three people visiting the park within the last year.

Researchers from the University of Leeds are producing the collection, and shall present it from 29th April to 7th May.

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