The ‘Unfair’ is coming to Kirkstall.

By Bryony Fox


An alternate art instillation is being opened up at Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds.

The fairground with a difference is a chance for people to release some built up feelings, the event has been described as “fun, games and a chance to let off steam for all ages.”

From May 9th– 14th, the art event will be pushing a serious message to visitors.

‘The Unfair’ is one part of the wider piece ‘The Grief Series’, seven projects created by Leeds-based artist and performance maker Ellie Harrison.

Each of the seven projects are collaboration pieces with other artists, the event uses a seven stage grief model to explore feelings.

It is a free event, with games such as “angry jenga”, “passive-aggressive note writing” and “boxing karaoke”.

Harrison worked with fellow artist Adam Young and performance designer Bethany Wells on ‘The Unfair’.

The aim of the project is to help people work through emotional issues surrounding loss and anger, and have an overall more positive outlook.

For further details head to the official site.

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