Time to call time on the wasteful Oscars

By Leona Parry

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The Oscars held their first Academy Awards in May, 1929, and the 91st Academy Awards was held 90 years later.

Los Angeles sees an economic boost of $130 million from the Oscars annually; the total cost for the ceremony amounts to around $44 million, and the total cost for the look of an A-list actress attending the ceremony is $10 million…surely there are better things to spend money on, right?

The Oscars is funded by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences, but while they’re spending millions of dollars on ceremonies like the Oscars 43% of American households can’t afford the basics to live, meaning they weren’t earning enough to cover the combined costs of housing, food, childcare, healthcare, transportation and a mobile phone.

Donald Trump, the nation’s 45th president, declared a national emergency at the US-Mexico border which allows him to access funds to build a wall with congressional consent. Another example of careless financial handling
‘’After 91 years, the Oscars have started to become more and more predictable.’’ Says Shauna Taylor, a journalism student at Leeds City College. ‘’There’s a lack of racial diversity too; it’s often the case that the majority of winners are white (for example, Green Book). It needs change. It’s boring seeing the same thing over and over again’’.

In the past the Oscars have faced accusations of bias; typical criticism includes there being an over-representation of romantic-historical epics, biographical dramas, romantic dramedies, and family melodramas.

And all of these are typically released towards the end of the calendar year; more evidence to prove that the Oscars are very predictable.

So once again, are the Oscars still relevant? Do they deserve the money and time spent on organizing them? Or should the US focus more on things that matter, like the economic status of America’s civilians and the state of their country?

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