Third time Fly Tipping

By Amy Goodall


A local landscape business has been fined over £1000 after being found fly tipping for the third time.

A large amount of waste has been illegally dumped in Wortley including gardening tools and other debris.

The rubbish was left on Hales Road, Wortly, in a parking area.

CCTV footage caught them in the act in a white transit van.

Image showing on old junkyards waste. (Not from this incident) Picture credit to Pixabay.

Anthony Mitchell, who owns AM Landscapes, pleaded guilty to offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Control of Pollution Act 1989 on Monday.

Leeds Magistrates Court heard that this is the third time he has been prosecuted.

A fine of £1077 has been put in place along with £1618 in costs to clean up the waste.

Helen Freeman, Chief Officer for Environmental Action at Leeds City Council said: “Illegal dumping of rubbish is a blight and won’t be tolerated in Leeds.”

Mitchell told the hearing that an employee who no longer worked for the company had assisted him in the van and was the driver.

It is not said if the old employee was involved in the previous convictions in 2007 and 2010.

Anthony Mitchell of Cornerstone Fold, Farnley, has not been given a prison sentence although magistrates do have the power to give 12 month prison sentences.

Councils now also have power to seize vehicles involved in fly tipping but it has not been released if this will be happening in this case or not.

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