The Story of Me

Alice Peoples was set the task of writing ‘The Story of Me’ during a recent Subject Focus Day visit to the journalism department

It’s 1998 and two mental health nurses meet on a mutual friend’s nights out and to be quite frank that’s where I want to end it. But as my parents are the primary creditors of my existence, it is essential to include them in ‘the story of me’. As they were both mental health nurses, I remember my childhood home being exposed to odd medical things such as injection needles, blood pressure machines and the occasional person shouting at them in Sainsbury’s about what supposed ailments they may or may not have.

Unfortunately my childhood wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows; when I was eight, my parents separated which wasn’t helped by my teacher at the time tormenting me. Looking back on it now, I feel as though he was going through some troubles at home.

The next few years panned out like any typical young girl’s life. There was an abundance of sleep-overs and the falling-in and out that came with them. The weird crazes that for some reason became essential to everyday life. Shameful to admit it but my fondness for the Disney comedy Diary of a Wimpy Kid hasn’t died out, although I can cope without it. There was a point where my group became determined to make Mamma Mia 2 and would spend endless days rehearsing for a thing I believed at the time would clearly never happen. To my dismay my notions were false (the actual sequel comes out next month).

Now we’re entering the start of the early teen years; which I’m sure came with dollops of awkward feelings and uncomfortable experience for everyone.

Anyway my friends say I’m simultaneously one of the smartest people they’ve met and one of the stupidest. This may be why I had the desire to go on a month-long trip to Cambodia that would cost me more than £4,000. I have wanted to travel my whole life and the taste for adventure is never far behind me. So to do it was to fulfil one of my ambitions.

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