The Search is Back on for Leeds Bike Share Scheme

Plans for a fleet of public hire bikes in Leeds fell through last year, so the search for a company to run the scheme is back underway.

Chinese dockless bike company, ofo, pulled out of partnership plans at the 11th hour despite bosses announcing their “delight” ahead of their arrival.

The authority says it is now speaking to a number of other companies to kick-start the scheme.

With a similar scheme being held in Sheffield,  Leeds City Council, says it is ‘committed to following through its ambition’ to launch a bike share scheme.

Leeds City Council’s head of transport and planning, Richard Lewis, said: “I think we will have a lot of interest – with the number of firms coming in who could fulfil this role, we will have a choice.”

A council report states: “The establishment of public bike share in the city has the potential to significantly boost the level of cycling with all the additional benefits that will bring.

“Leeds has a great opportunity to bring a modern, attractive and competitively priced transport option to residents, employees and visitors to the city, and at nil capital and operating cost to the council.”

This dockless scheme would let individuals choose their means of transport, in the process saving money, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and help fight against the harmful CO2 emission.

By Samantha Lewis

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