The Countdown to Climate Change for Leeds

EXCLUSIVE by Haleema Saheed

After a successful rally protesting climate change took place in London last week, Leeds locals have decided to prompt the government into being more proactive as climate change takes hold.

To alert the government, a group has been created on Facebook planning a march on May 7 in Leeds to bring awareness to the impacts of climate change.

The younger generation are playing a greater role in this movement too, as hundreds of children from Leeds took part in a protest earlier this year.

Members of the West Yorkshire public spoke out about how they want to see a change from the authorities after “the countdown to climate change” has begun.

Annabelle Dalby, 41, from Horsforth said, “The government is not doing nowhere near enough to deal with this problem and even if we do work on a local level, the bigger companies need to do more.”

Leeds City Council have committed themselves to making Leeds carbon neutral by 2030 as they declared a climate emergency.

In a recent press conference Councillor Judith Blake said: “We know we cannot do it on our own, but cities like Leeds have the potential to make a big difference and we know as a council, we can lead by example to encourage others to follow.”

One of the initiatives the government are considering includes public transport investment and making it more wholly efficient, hoping to decrease the number of cars on the road in response to the strikes.

Protesters fear that if climate change is not tackled soon, disastrous consequences could include erratic temperatures as well as droughts and forest fires.

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