The Countdown is on for Petition Linking Leeds and Bradford with Underground System.

Only major city in the UK without a mass transmit system

Campaigners, yet again, are calling for the government to fund a West Yorkshire tram system or an underground network that links Leeds and Bradford.

The petition – due to close May 16 – has been launched which says, the government’s reluctance to fund a West Yorkshire mass transmit system ‘should be of national concern.’

Leeds City Council alongside the West Yorkshire Combined Authority spent nearly 30 years and more than £70 million on developing Supertram and trolleybus plans for Leeds.

Both plans were rejected by the Department for Transport in May 2016 due to it being deemed not in the public interest, and affordability.

Leeds is now the only major city in the UK without some form of mass transport system, but West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) is exploring plans for three ‘Mass Rapid Transport’ lines which could link the City with its neighbours.

The petition, currently signed by more than 100 people, is called: “Centrally fund a tram or underground for the Leeds-Bradford region.”

It states: “The West Yorkshire Urban Area is home to a population of approximately 2.3 million people, if less wealthy countries are able to ensure their sizeable cities have mass transit systems, it should be of national concern that the UK, as the 9th wealthiest country in the world, is unwilling to do so.”

This is the third petition in the last three years calling for the same issue to be resolved.

To vote for this petition click the link below:

By Samantha Lewis

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