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Local art group hosting exciting exhibition

By Samuel Bannister An art exhibition is currently being held by a society in West Yorkshire. Horsforth Art Society’s spring exhibition is open until 29th April, and showcases some of its members’ best work. The exhibition is held at the Society’s premises, at 15 Back Lane in Horsforth (near the Horsforth Museum). Visitors should go…


Stolen Dumper Trucks Leave Destructive Path

By Tom Skillcorn Two dumper trucks were stolen in East Leeds, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage in the getaway. Police were contacted at 10.50pm on Monday, when the two large vehicles were stolen from a construction site near the industrial area of Stourton. One of the trucks was found driven into a Leedswatch…


Dog starts fire

By Paweł Kuziemski A dog has accidentally set a fire to a kitchen in Selby. “A dog managed to turn the gas hob on whilst the owner was out” tweeted the North Yorkshire Fire Service. As the house was empty the fire could start without a problem. Fortunately, the smoke alarm worked, so neighbours notified…

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