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POLITICAL: UK students in China

By Kristian Bamforth In recent years, China has opened up to the idea of letting the rest of the world know how their infamous media system works. One course, run at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, attracted 1,200 applicants from the UK. Ninety were accepted onto the three-week course which studied newspapers, online blogs and news channels….

POLITICS: Body blow for Labour as Ed Balls loses his seat in Leeds

By Oriana Storey Shadow chancellor Ed Balls lost his seat in the Morley and Outwood constituency by just 422 votes in Thursday’s general election – striking a drastic blow to Labour. There were suggestions through the night that Mr Balls may lose but many onlookers were dismissive until a recount was called at 7am. Conservative…

POLITICS: Shipley re-elect Philip Davies for the third time.

By Lucy Askew Conservative candidate Philip Davies today held onto his seat in Shipley in a solid victory. Mr Davies won with 25,269 votes to Labour’s 15,645, handing the Tory a 9,624 majority. Mr Davies, who is known for his right-of-centre conservatism and has in the past caused controversy with some of his views, said: “I…

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