Support your local heroes for Superhero Day 2017

By Emily Middleton

People have really been getting into the spirit of National Superhero Day 2017 today.

The national holiday was created in 1995 by Marvel employees and celebrates heroes both fictional and real – everyone from Superman to Emergency Services and people’s own personal heroes.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man are widely known fictional heroes who act as great role models for children.

Though they may not wear capes, the Fire and Rescue Services, Police and Doctors are a few real-life heroes who fight evil and help the community on a daily basis.

A real life Superhero team – Men and women in the armed forces risk their lives on the battlefield to keep the world safe

People all over social media are really getting into the spirit of Superhero Day and posting pictures of others who they feel need more appreciation for all the work they do.

These have included guide dogs, cancer charities and family members.

Some people posted pictures of themselves dressed up as comic book heroes – even the Superman actor Henry Cavill himself!

Up, up and away – British Superman actor Henry Cavill  on Instagram with the iconic image of Superman’s suit peeking out from underneath his clothing

The hashtags being used on social media are #NationalSuperheroDay, #NationalSuperheroDay2017 and #SuperheroDay.

LTJournalism interviewed students around Leeds Trinity University to ask them who their personal superhero is.

Here is what we found out:

Betty Ding, 22, Student, Rotheram.

“My personal hero is my mum because she is a nurse and she is amazing. I could not do what she does and she works relentlessly for everyone at work and also at home. She really keeps the family together.”

Chelsea Knight, 19, Education Studies Student, Hudderfield.

“I think my hero would be a woman called Rosie King because she’s very for promoting autism, the awareness around it and she is like a very good inspirational speaker.”

Katrina Howe, 22, English and Writing Student, Kinsley, Pontefract.

“My personal superhero is Batman because as a mentally ill person, it’s quite interesting to see a character represented as mentally ill who is also good and a positive influence on the world. I think it’s quite important to show kids that mental illness isn’t something that’s always scary and that you can gravitate it towards good.”

Sean Gellan, 24, Student, Bradford

“In terms of fictional heroes, I would have to say Spider-Man or Batman. In real life, I believe that anyone can be a hero really, it’s just whether or not they are willing to do what they can for anyone else.”

Who is your personal Superhero? Let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #LTSuperhero.

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