Superheroes descend on Bradford

By Samiya Ahmad

Fans dressed as their favourite characters for Avengers: Infinity War


People of Bradford are excited as they dress up as their favourite characters to watch the newest Marvel film which is causing a lot of positive attention.

The moment all the Marvel fans have been waiting for. Avengers: Infinity War is out in cinema and they are excited to book their tickets to watch the iconic movie of the year. At Bradford Odeon cinema, the event attracted many people to watch the film as every showing of the film was fully booked.

This has been the first superhero event at Odeon and they are planning to arrange more events to help different charities in the future, as this one has been a success.

Saahib Qureshi, 23 years old, who works at Bradford Odeon as a cinema host for 3 years and was dressed as Spiderman to promote the film and also help to raise money for the Children Wards in Bradford Royal Infirmary. He said that he works closely with the charity and he is hoping there will be many events in the future that will help the charity.

They had stalls such as a cake sale, raffle and face painting for children to further help raise money.

Saahib Qureshi said “I enjoy dressing up as Spiderman, it has been my favourite superhero since I was little.”

I asked Danyal Shabbir, 21 years old, who works at Odeon, if there were any tickets available for showings of Infinity War and he said “Unfortunately it is fully booked”. He was asked when the next one is available and he said “You would have to book in advance.”

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