Star Wars Day: What’s happening in Leeds?

By Robert Mooney


May the fourth be with you for today is Star Wars Day.

Around Leeds there will be events for fans to celebrate the day, marking a major occasion for sci-fi fans.

Jump Arena in Cardigan Fields will be holding their own event this evening, the event will be from 4-9pm.

The activities include, including Star Wars characters walking around the park and a showing of Rogue One in the café.

All are welcome to this event, whether you are a fan of the films or not.

Some events have already taken place, with several storm troopers at Victoria Gate in Leeds, where they were seen shopping and going for meals together.

To all those Star Wars fans out there, we hope you enjoy your day, whatever you may be doing.

As for Leeds, it seems that there is plenty of excitement to be had but hopefully you are all looking forward to the Revenge of the Sixth on Saturday.

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