How slow is the internet in your area?

By Amy Goodall and Josh Brooke

Around 213 houses have been left with slow internet in Horsforth and Bramhope.

Attention has been brought to this area after it has been found to take two to three hours when downloading films, in comparison to it only taking a few minutes in other areas.

Resident in Horsforth showing just some of the problems she faces with slow internet.

BT have said that residents around Horsforth and Bramhope have been facing this problem now for over a year, preventing residents from doing their work from home.

Councillor for the Weetwood area, Sue Bentley, who sent a letter to residents urging more people to express their issues with slow internet said: “BT have been investigating the problem, I will write to residents again if anything new comes from it.”

So far, it has been posted on social media but not everyone is aware of the issue.

BT are refusing to upgrade the service due to the small number of houses affected.

Currently the funds are just not available as spokesperson for BT said: “If more people were to face this problem then action would be taken but at the minute the price overweighs anything else, £32,000 is a lot of money.”

Although vouchers are possibly available for those who apply for them of up to three hundred and fifty pounds per customer.

These vouchers, from the government, and are available to anyone within the stretch.

At least 70 people need to apply for these vouchers to then allow BT to have sufficient funds to upgrade the service.

Speaking to residents, ‘fed up’ and ‘ridiculous’ were just some of the words they used to describe this situation.

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