Should we be worrying about warmer winters?

By Natasha Dore

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Should we enjoy the warm weather or worry about global warming?

The weather has broken records in the past two days, with it being the warmest day in winter. Is this weather we can expect to see in the future?

This time last year the UK was dealing with the Beast from the East, and now we’re having picnic weather. The extreme weather is due to where the air is flowing over the UK and where it shifts, last year a shift in the polar continental air mass meant air that is usually flowing over Scandinavia was flowing over the UK, and this year high pressure is pulling warm air from Africa.

The real question is, is this because of global warming?

Climate scientists don’t have enough to say about this to fully know the truth behind global warming. The earth has warmed and cooled again for millions of years, this is natural with 80-90,000 years of ice ages and 10-20,000 of heating up periods with 100,000 year intervals.

However natural this is there is evidence that c02 and other gasses are speeding up the process by entering the atmosphere. These gasses are blocking heat from escaping the atmosphere.

Can we expect to see this weather in the future? Scientists believe the UK can expect to get hotter summers as the years go on.

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