Pop-up Shop Opens in Horsforth

By Alex Worrall

Catering company, Bears Pantry, have opened a new pop-up shop on Longrow, Horsforth.

The Leeds based company have been a favourite with the public since they went into business in 2014.

After catering weddings and other parties with great feedback, owner Sam Pullan decided to open up the pop-up shop.

Bears Pantry describe themselves as an ‘alternative catering company with a rustic feel’, which can’t be argued. They pride themselves on being a proper food company with ‘big dishes, big spoons, and big flavours’.

Pullan opened the pop-up shop as not only a way for people to taste his food, but as an opportunity to meet and speak to new customers. He hopes this interactive approach will help him create and maintain a good relationship with customers.

Bears Pantry is open 11am-3pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 9am-3pm over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so breakfast is also on the cards.

Breakfast is available for £4. This includes the mixed fruit and nut granola with honeyed yoghurt and fruit compote alongside a balsamic roasted tomato bagel filled with avocado and mozzarella. Their lunch menu starts at £6 where you have a choice of two hot pies, one meaty and one veggie, as well as a choice of sandwiches, savoury pastries and grilled cheese sarnies.

Bears Pantry is open for the next 3 months and is situated across the road from The Brownlee Arms, Longrow, Horsforth.

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