Too many chefs spoil the soup?

By Amy Goodall and Josh Brooke

A third attempt at planning permission has been put forward for a food establishment in Horsforth, Leeds.

Nine local food restaurants, cafes and delis currently exist in the local area.

So far, the council have objected along with two residents.

Sarah, 37, a local resident said: “I think there are a lot of places to eat in Horsforth and it’s already hard to choose so I don’t know if adding another would make any business.”

After two attempts have already fallen through, the local community are wondering why a third attempt has been put forward.

Number Nine Deli & Coffee is one of the many food establishments in Horsforth.

The new food establishment would be the tenth within the Horsforth stretch and be located close to Number Nine Deli & Coffee, on Station Road.

Hot drinks and sandwiches would be among the many things sold at the new establishment in hope to add something new to the village.


Sue, who works at Sliced which is another cafe within the area said: “There’s far too many around here now, there’s no need for another one.

There’s around 5 on this street alone which I think is ridiculous.”


The ‘To Let’ sign is up outside the building that is under planning permission so many passers by often notice it.

In a key location almost opposite the station it would be likely to get a lot of business however, there are worries that it will overtake some business’ that have been in Horsforth a long time.

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