Major Power Cuts Leave Trinity’s Students Furious

Exclusive By Kacper Misiarz and Emmanuel Igbokwuwe

Fountains Court – Leeds Trinity University Accommodation

Missing Wi-Fi, food defrosting and lifts stopping were just a few things which happened when the Power went off at Leeds Trinity residence Fountains Court on Wednesday.

Students were initially baffled by the event, but shock soon turned to fear as residents were told to pack a bag and evacuate by accommodation officers.

All this happened as a result of a power shortage across the accommodation halls, located in the heart of the university campus. This was the second power cut in just five days. The first, which happened on April 27th lasted 12 hours, the second on Wednesday four hours.

Roughly two hours after the power went down, a “crisis meeting” was called in the common area of the Fountains Court building. This was attended by most residents from these halls. Sheer panic entered the room when students were told they needed to pack in just ‘one hour’ to then leave the building for safety reasons. This wasn’t however what made the students furious…

Some students packed up and left to stay with friends, others turned to family with one resident setting off on a 185 mile car journey to seek solace with loved ones in Watford.

After an hour of chaos, the power came back on and University officials announced the situation was back to normal.

We interviewed some of the residents to find out their views on the incident. Ryan Bolam, 19, described the events as “confusing”.

He says: “This weeks events left me very confused as being a student who moved away from home for University, I wasn’t ready to pack all my stuff and move again.” He explains: “I feel it was really confusing. One minute it was unsafe then an hour later, completely fine.”

Evie Allan, 19, when asked for the most annoying aspect of the incident, said: “It was when the electricity had been fixed and all students had already packed everything to leave”.

A spokesperson for the university said: “Leeds Trinity University takes great pride in how we support our students. All our accommodation is owned by the university and located on campus, and we take student care very seriously which is why the decision was made to take precautionary measures when we could not be confident of a secure power supply to the building.”

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