Leeds given a glimpse of the Future of Transport


By Finley Crebolder


Leeds has been given a look into the future of the cities transport at Leeds Digital Festival, England’s biggest digital festival.

At the “Future of Transport” conference, hosted by ODI Leeds, audiences were shown driver-less cars for the first time.

The driver-less cars, made by Westfield POD, were presented in the conference this morning, with a question and answer session following the presentation, and they were even made available to the public, with many people taking advantage to take a look at the vehicles they could potentially be using in a matter of years.

The company wants to introduce their products to Leeds to be used for short distance journeys throughout the city, such as getting from the train station to the airport, or from the town centre to a shopping mall.


These futuristic pods were not the only things to be shown at the festival’s conference today, with the audience also being shown Ofo bikes, the dockless bicycle scheme coming to Leeds next month.

The company is the worlds first non-docking bike sharing scheme, and allows users to book rides via the mobile app, with it costing 50p per half an hour.

The bikes can be picked up and dropped off anywhere in the city where traditional bike parking is allowed, and it is hoped that their introduction can improve congestion in Leeds and make the city more environmentally friendly.

With both of these products receiving a positive reception from the audiences at the festival, it may not be long before your bus and train tickets will be a thing of the past.

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