Leeds Primary School In Slaughtering Pigs Controversy

By Amy Forbes

A Farsley primary school has today announced [29 April] the slaughtering of the school’s pet pigs.

These farmyard animals have been looked after by the school’s pupils from as young as four-years-old, since the start of the year.

Head teacher at the school, Peter Harris, a vegetarian himself, claims he is planning on the pets’ fate this summer to exemplify to the students how animal food chains work.

He states that he wants the children at the school to be more ‘knowledgeable and sensitive to animal welfare’ and that by doing this they are going to be ‘raising awareness of the meat industry and the issues surrounding animals.’

According to one pupil at the school, the children ‘knew the pigs were going to be slaughtered from the very beginning,’ with the majority of the school accepting the situation.

However, a former vegan pupil of the school challenged this by setting up a petition.

In a bid to halt the slaughtering of the pigs the poll aims to have 2,500 people sign and oppose the plans.

Julia O’Brien signed the petition and said: ‘I think killing these beloved characters is dreadful.’

Comments on the poll also included outcries such as ‘terrible’ and ‘disgusting.’

The petition has currently received almost 2,300 signatures.

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