Debate divide: Leeds Man reacts to dog order on Yorkshire Beaches

                                The order focuses on dog fouling and children play areas












By Kirsty Kent




Summer is coming and the dog exclusion order is upon us all again.

The order includes children play areas as well as beaches where dog owners must keep their dogs on leads from May 1 -September 30.

The order also focuses on dog fouling and owners being responsible for their pets behaviour in public.



                               It is an offence to break the Dog ban order






Sansend, Scarborough North and South Bay, and Filey are areas which are leading the way in a bid to tackle irresponsible dog ownership but some local beaches have more lenient restrictions.

However, some feel the order is targeting the wrong people. A 37-year-old Man from Leeds has reacted to the strict dog ban on Yorkshire beaches that came in to effect this month.

“I understand the other issues but we are supposed to be a nation of dog owners and a lot of families value their dogs as family, I know I do mine.”

“Why should responsible dog owners be effected with tougher restrictions on a day out with the family, during the summer season,”said local dog owner who doesn’t wish to be named.

Irresponsible dog ownership on several Yorkshire Beaches with the order in effect could result in a pricey fine.

The council say they welcome all dog owners but have to address  issues such as dog control when around children and the dangers of the warm weather to dogs.


“A significant number of visitors to the Yorkshire coast each year bring their dogs with them and we welcome all responsible dog owners. We have many miles of beach where dogs can be exercised freely and responsibly, within just a short walk of the main beaches, but dogs should be kept under proper close control at all times, which is especially important when the beaches are so busy with children.

“Dog owners should also consider, at the hottest part of the day, whether a beach is a suitable place to take a dog, as most dogs do not cope very well with hot weather,” Harry Briggs, Scarborough Borough Council Environment, Enforcement and Contracts Manager, told Yorkshire Coast Radio.

The authorities are encouraging dog owners to clean up after their pets and to take care of our four legged friends during the hot weather.



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