Leeds Buskers go viral on Social Media

By Brandon Norbury

A busker in Leeds has been propelled to fame after a surprise performance with a locally popular musician. The impromptu duet gained worldwide attention after it was recorded and then posted to several social media handles which sparked the interest of the public. This has greatly benefited both artists.

The most notable example of the notoriety is from a page called “Straight up Yorkshire”. The video shared by the page gained 12 million views and 186,000 shares since it was uploaded to the page on May 1.

Dawid, 24, a regular busker in Leeds was surprised when Jade Helliwell, another musician, joined in with his rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

Dawid, ­ said: “Many people write to me and are liking my page. I hope to get an EP together or something for people to listen to”

Polish-born Dawid has been busking for 2-3 years. He stated that: “I love playing music and I manage to pay my bills in the same time”

He busks twice a week, playing for the bustling nightlife of Leeds on Friday and Saturday night. He hopes to achieve fame through his music and says he wants to “sing and play to my fullest potential and to touch human hearts.”

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