Juggling Social Media with Education to Blame for Leeds Low Level Results

By Amy Forbes

In a recent report, Leeds was rated the fifth worst for children’s writing skills across England. 

The city ranked 148th out of 152 local authorities for its students’ writing and 146th for mathematics and reading skills.

Many Leeds’ Primary School teachers believe the low level statistics could by down to the ever-increasing use of social media and technology within the home.

Steph Radcliffe, 37, teaches a reception class at a Leeds Primary School.

“The increased use of technology and social media seem to have had a negative impact on children’s writing skills as a whole,” she said.

“This can be seen partially through the use of text talk and the overall laziness of language.”

Primary teacher Lorna McStay, 24, stated she felt ‘embarrassed’ by the city rank while another Key Stage One teacher revealed they found the statistic shocking.

Recent evidence suggests that nearly one third of children when doing their homework, still insist on having some form of technology close to them.

Many teachers across Leeds encourage parents to strike a balance between technology and their children’s learning at home, to improve not only the students’ academic skills but also the low level city rankings.

Year Five teacher, Louise Forbes, 50, said that prioritising education at home will impact writing skills in a positive way overall.

“It is shocking as a teacher with the amount of effort that goes into what we are doing and you receive those results,” she said.

“With the amount of time spent on social media currently, the children will not meet the expected requirements of this level as they are distracted.”

“We ask for consistent parental support at home to tackle this issue.”

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