Yorkshire Tribute for Journalist shot in Derry.

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Lyra Mckee.

The 18th of April turned out to be a tragic day for the media in general, as Irish Journalist Lyra McKee was killed while observing rioting in Londonderry. And tributes have since been pouring in for the 29-year old

Lyra was described by her family as a “gentle, innocent soul” whose “desire to bring people together made her totally apolitical”. Lyra came from a catholic background which was reflected when her funeral was held at the protestant St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast.
Since Lyra’s death, the new IRA claimed responsibility for her murder. They have come out and expressed their “full and sincere apologies” to her family and friends.

Lyra McKee was a member of the NUJ LondonFreelance group. Richard Edwards, who is based in Leeds, is a fellow member of the association and paid tribute to Lyra on Twitter.

“One of ours has gone, and the pain runs deep. Love to those close to #LyraMcKee and solidarity with our #NUJ family in Derry. Much love, NUJ Leeds & Wakefield.”

Richard is one of many journalist who have come out to send their condolences to Lyra’s family and friends.

By Sam Geen.

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