Why has Jeremy Corbyn become more popular with young voters?

By Catherine Jones

Since the recent general election, Jeremy Corbyn has become increasingly popular with younger voters.

In the past, there has been a decline in the number of young people using their vote however this wasn’t the case this year. He introduced pledges such as full employment, a secure homes guarantee and cutting inequality in income and wealth. Most of the policies seem to be an aim to abolish inequality in society today.

Young people have responded extremely well to this on Twitter, saying things like “Corbyn’s on our side” and “he actually cares.” This indicates that the younger generation are favouring Corbyn because the pledges to transform Britain will affect the adults of the future.

With policies such as increasing the minimum wage and the £11.2 billion to get rid of university fees, it makes sense why these young people feel obliged to vote Labour. Corbyn promises that this will result in “a better future for our country” causing people to have trust in him.

One woman has said “I have friends who registered to vote for the first time, so that they could vote for Corbyn, because they saw the potential there to elect someone who seemed to be doing politics differently.”

Young people were frustrated in past elections because of how the grey vote always won however they never actually did anything about it. Whereas in this election, there were so many more young people registering to vote because they actually wanted a say in the future of their country rather than leave it to the people aged over 30.

Corbyn’s popularity has risen massively to the point where young adults on Twitter are even creating memes to support Labour.

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