It’s Take Away Tuesday! But what is our favourite fodder here in Horsforth?

(Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

By Dan Butterfield and Kieran Clarke

Earlier this week, a wholesaler claimed that curry has become Leeds’ favourite takeaway. But we wanted to put that to the test with students at Leeds Trinity University and ask what their most-loved ‘cheat-day’ meals are. And Chinese topped our poll!

The news contrasts with official figures for the City; Leeds has almost 500 fast food restaurants – with with 135 outlets serving takeaway pizza.

Next are the chippies: there are a total of 107 fish and chip shops, followed by 98 Chinese eateries. There are 32 fried chicken joints, and a total of 25 Indian restaurants, according to figures from the Food Standards Agency.

And everyone we spoke to seemed surprised Curry was a firm favourite with Leeds locals, and despite many enjoying an Indian take-out, there was a high percentage of those who disliked this choice of cuisine.

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