Independent group won’t help young voters

By Arthur Ashcroft

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In the last week and a half there has been nine Labour MPs who have quit the party in order to join the new ‘independent group’. This is not a political party and is in fact a business as it is easier for MPs to join. The three reasons cited by the Labour MPs for leaving are:

  1. They feel the party has been hijacked by an aggressive far-left group.
  2. They feel the party is becoming institutionally racist.
  3. They disagree with Labour’s Brexit plan.

They have also been joined by three Conservatives bringing the group total to 12, one more MP than the Lib Dems currently have. The Conservatives who have left state these as their reasons:

  1. They feel like the party has been hijacked by an aggressive far-right group.
  2. They feel the party has become institutionally racist.
  3. They disagree with the Conservative’s Brexit plan.

These MPs are not required to stand in by-elections but there have been calls from senior members of their parties to do this, citing it as the democratic thing to do.

None of them however intend to, this is seen by many as savagely hypocritical as their flagship policy is a people’s vote on any Brexit vote and yet they do not think their constituents should have a say on what party or group their MP belongs to, they were elected on a party manifesto and therefore many see the change with a lack of a by-election as undemocratic.

Many within these parties sympathise, however they intend to fight this battle from within their respective parties and this is what many think is the only way forward. Even group ringleader Chuka Umunna thought this once.

This is a tweet in which Mr Umunna stated his view on leaving Labour. It goes without saying that he has since abandoned this view which he once held on the issue.

Will these breakaway MPs form a new party? They claim that they won’t use any political whips or form an official party however with clear and obvious U-turns in the past from these MPs who knows.

Another example of this group’s hypocrisy is when one MP who cited racism in Labour as a reason for leaving on TV described certain people as having a ‘funny tinge.’ Not really practising what they preach, is it?

They don’t even seem to offer as much change as almost identical centrist andante-Brexit party The Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems are more progressive and offer more genuine change than the group which for my money I would say will see complete annihilation at the next general election as shown by several of them occupying save seats such as Luciana Berger in Liverpool Wavertree. Even the party from which 9 MPs left offers more change than the group.

The sad reality is that in creating a new movement in order to ‘change the status quo’  all they are doing is maintaining it as it raises the chances that the government will stay in power and keep on moving with their current regime. If one thing can be for certain, it is that that they are just fuelling uncertainty and instability in the country. In the truest sense of the term, this new group only preach a savage hypocrisy from which no good can come.

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