Hundreds of Mistreated Exotic Animals Take Refuge in West Yorkshire RSPCA

By Amy Forbes, Kudzai Chinembiri and Calum Procter.

Here is what locals in North Leeds had to say

The RSPCA today announced they rescued more than 100 exotic animals due to the inhumane treatment of them in West Yorkshire last year.

The charity issued the shocking statistics explaining that they “received 15,790 calls” about the abandonment of these rare pets due to people misunderstanding how to look after such exotic species.

Many people believe more research and planning should be done before buying any animals to have as pets.

Amy, 20, from Horsforth, agreed, “People don’t know enough about certain animals and they don’t know how to look after them.

“They don’t do the research beforehand. They get it and go ‘oooh look a bearded dragon,’ but they don’t know that they need to keep it warm.”

This is mirrored by the RSPCA.

“Owners do not do their research and don’t understand the type and amount of care that they need, resulting in (the animals) being neglected,’ a correspondent said.

Another Leeds lady who wanted to remain anonymous told us: “It is important to look after your animals as you would your children.”

“It is just not fair on them.”

If you see any exotic animals in need of care, please contact the your local Yorkshire RSPCA on 0113 2536952.

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