How Leeds is Leading the Way tackling Childhood Obesity

By Joseph Cheshire and Josh Heycock

A Recent scheme conducted in Leeds has been linked to a decrease in child obesity, with an alleged 625 children being ‘saved’ from falling into this category. .

The venture, created by Leeds City Council gave ‘health lessons’ to 6,000 families from deprived areas.

Rates dropped from 9.4% to 8.8% of obese five-year-olds in Leeds, where as the figure has remained static across the rest of the Country.

We interviewed Early Years education students at Leeds Trinity University about the scheme and their own thoughts on tackling childhood obesity.

Research shows if obsesity levels continue to rise across the Country, 128,000 UK adults will die young every year by 2030. However, if this increase can be prevented, it would reduce early deaths by 10,000.

Leeds was compared with 15 other Cities across England, none of which recorded the same level of turn around.

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