Horsforth to host refugee event

St Margarets Church is to host ‘The World on Our Doorstep’ event.

By Emily Smith

Refugees and asylum seekers in Horsforth have been invited to take part in an event discussing their experiences and how the community can welcome those seeking sanctuary.

St Margaret’s Church on Church Lane is to host the event titled ‘The World on Our Doorstep’ to invite the community to bond with and hear stories from refugee families and asylum seekers.

The event which will take place from 5-8pm on Friday 27th April is to be hosted by City of Sanctuary, a charity dedicated to supporting refugees and highlighting the importance of welcoming them into the community.

There will be a variety of activities for families and event-goers to partake in, including interactive activities, an opportunity to try some international cuisine, and personal stories told by refugees.

Duncan Stow, one of the organisers of the event said: “We recognise that in Horsforth it is easy to be removed, to feel safe and not to have to worry about some of the issues facing our world.

However, that is not what any of us want, we are part of the bigger world and we have an opportunity to both give and receive, offer welcome and open up our lives to refugees and asylum seekers.

The world on our doorstep is seeking to create space for that.”

Tickets for the event are free and can be ordered on www.hopeinhorsforth.co.uk

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