Horse Sanctuary Hope for Big Charity Turnout

By Evie Whitaker and Kamile Banyte

Roleystone Sanctuary, Westfield Lane, Shipley.

After the RSPCA received 925 complaints of horse cruelty in West Yorkshire, Roleystone Horse and Pony sanctuary is calling for more people to attend their 2018 charity show.

All proceeds of this event will be used to care and look after the 22 rescue horses at Roleystone, located on Westfield Lane, Shipley.

In the winter season it costs around just under £2000 to run the horse sanctuary, which relies solely on donations from the public, through events just like this one.

Since West Yorkshire was labelled as the worst area in the country for cruelty to horses, the work that Roleystone Horse and Pony Sanctuary do has become even more important, and increased funding could help them tackle this problem.

Horses are often taken in with severe medical conditions which need time and specialised attention. The trauma or abuse that some of these animals experience, makes it even harder to rehabilitate them and find them a loving home.

The Chairman of the sanctuary, said: “People don’t want what isn’t useful to them anymore, and some of these horses are only fit for companionship.

“Yet some people want a companion that they can ride, they don’t see that it just isn’t possible when they have underlying health or personality issues.”

Whilst these horses may look happy now, their past’s weren’t as bright.

Since the charity started in 2009, they have rehomed 21 horses. However, their involvement does not stop there, as they check on the horses in their new environments every year, for life.

Work like this could be supported by signing up to Roleystone’s Pound a Month Appeal, where you make the minimum payment of a pound for as long as you like.

You can also find them on, by searching for the Roleystone Horse and Pony Sanctuary, and donate there.

The points show takes place five times this year, 20 May, 10 June, 8 July, 12 August and 23 September. Membership is just five pounds for the whole year, and will help towards this great cause.

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