Hayfever hell to take Yorkshire by storm

By Charlie Wainwright

Hayfever is expected to wreak havoc across Britain and take Yorkshire by storm this week.

The recent change in weather is threatening to cause soaring pollen and pollution levels.

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Hayfever and ‘grey fever’ sufferers have been warned by experts that the summer weather expected at the end of the week may worsen symptoms for sufferers.

‘Grey fever’ occurs when both pollen counts and pollution levels are high. Symptoms of the condition are much like hayfever symptoms: sneezing, running/blocked nose, itchy sinus and headaches (among other symptoms). Nasal spray, eye drops and/or antihistamines are recommended by NHS specialists as treatment.

At this time of the year Britain is about to hit the peak of the tree pollen season.

Dr Emberlin, Allergy UK’s scientific director, said around 25 per cent of people with hayfever would be sensitive to the birch pollen season. Dr Emberlin has advised that precautions are taken to control symptoms.

Yorkshire is set to experience pollen and pollution highs over the weekend.

Temperatures in Yorkshire over the weekend are set to reach highs of even 23 degrees C on Sunday. Next week sees temperature expected to slowly drop again remaining around 14 degrees C.

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