“The Green Party will scrap tuition fees for good” The Green’s bold plans for young people

Today, the Greens issued their rallying cry for the 18-25 year old demographic. Traditionally 18-25s are the most disillusioned when it comes to voting.  A large part of the party’s manifesto is dedicated to get young people and how the general election is for young people’s future. A section of the party’s manifesto reads;

We want young people to be asked, not told, listened to, not ignored, to be allowed to speak, not be silenced “The Conservative government has launched a war on young people. They have cut their housing benefit. Increased their tuition fees”

A strong stance from the Greens when it comes to the Conservatives. The Greens are planning to oust the Conservatives at any cost, with news this week they are removing candidates from their own party to give labour a better chance of winning seats. The Green party are looking to engage the younger demographic, the party have the youngest profile of any of the parties and promise to lead students through Brexit and preserve EU funding universities. We asked some Green Young Officers a few questions about the upcoming election.

Q: What one thing do the Greens think will get people voting for the party in June?

A: Our first promise: The Green Party will scrap tuition fees for good. You can believe our promises on this.

Our second promise: We’ll reinstate maintenance grants. It’s bad enough that students are paying more and more for higher education, but the real injustice is that the poorest students are being hit hardest

Our third promise: We’ll give students a life raft through the storm of Brexit. The EU has funded multi-million-pound research in UK universities. This funding is now at risk, but the Green Party will ensure it’s replaced. We’ll also fight for EU students to continue studying in the UK, and for all young people to enjoy the rewards of study abroad schemes.

Q: How important is it that the 18-25 demographic registers to vote in the election?

A: It’s crucial for young people to register to vote so your voices and your concerns can get a fair hearing in the general election. It might sound obvious but the future matters more to young people than anyone else. And our future is precisely what we’re voting on in this election. The Green Party knows that young people really care about political issues – it’s just that too many politicians don’t care about young people’s issues.

The Greens are pushing to get young people registered so they can affect the election directly.

One of the greens more radical ideas is to lower the voting age to 16, which is in their manifesto. This idea has been mooted to increase turnout in elections, but in the commons the idea has made no progress.

The Greens have a lot of work to do with the election only weeks away, surely some of the Greens ideas are bound to make young people sit up and take notice.


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