Five projects shaping the future of Leeds

New Leeds Station

Photo courtesy of South Bank Leeds



By Finley Crebolder


Since becoming a city at the end of the 19th century, Leeds has changed hugely, developing into one of the biggest and busiest cities in the UK. However, that hasn’t stopped it from developing further, with many projects currently in the pipeline across the city. Here are five of the most exciting:


South Bank refurbishment

Photo courtesy of South Bank Leeds






Over the years, the south bank area, which includes Holbeck, the city’s red light district, has developed a reputation for being one of the less appealing parts of the city, but this £350 Million project aims to change that. Equivalent to 350 football pitches in size, the regeneration is supposedly going to double the size of the city centre and provide thousands of new jobs and homes.

Hyde Park Picture House renewal project






Being one of the oldest buildings in Leeds and one of the oldest cinemas in England, built in 1914, Hyde Park Picture House is hugely valued by Leeds City Council. They took it over in 1989 to prevent its closure and are now overseeing a renewal project funded by a National Lottery grant. The project will renovate many of the cinemas century-old features and add a second screen in the basement, also improving accessibility

Train Station developments






Many residents of Leeds complain about the city’s public transport, and this is now being addressed at last. Not only will the main station be revamped to prepare for the arrival of HS2 trains in 2033, but three new stations are also set to be added to the city, at White Rose Shopping Centre, Thorpe Park Business Park and Leeds Bradford Airport.

Wade Lane Skyscraper

Photo courtesy of Olympian Homes

Proposals for this 36 storey skyscraper have recently gained praise from council planning chiefs, and a formal application has now been lodged. The building will have 754 flats for student accommodation and will become one of the tallest in the city skyline. It is hoped that construction work will begin this summer, with it being finished and ready by the start of the 2021/22 academic year.


Bridge Street Towers

Photo courtesy of LAAND







This development in the city centre consists of five towers being built and another building being refurbished into a 182 room hotel. Ranging from 180 to 430 ft, the towers will also provide 843 apartments, and a selection of cafes and restaurants will be added to the area too. The site is supposedly to be finished by 2020.

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