Local art group hosting exciting exhibition

By Samuel Bannister An art exhibition is currently being held by a society in West Yorkshire. Horsforth Art Society’s spring exhibition is open until 29th April, and showcases some of its members’ best work. The exhibition is held at the Society’s premises, at 15 Back Lane in Horsforth (near the Horsforth Museum). Visitors should go…


New Leeds band hoping to stand out from the crowd

By Samuel Bannister An energetic new Leeds band are hoping their music will stand out from the rest of the local scene. Heavy alternative duo Raw Optics formed this year, in the wake of singer/guitarist Joe Wray’s previous band, Flash Bats. “We’re taking a bit of a heavier route with this band,” says Wray. “In the…


How slow is the internet in your area?

By Amy Goodall and Josh Brooke Around 213 houses have been left with slow internet in Horsforth and Bramhope. Attention has been brought to this area after it has been found to take two to three hours when downloading films, in comparison to it only taking a few minutes in other areas. BT have said…


An Uber Competitive Market

By Joshua Brooke and Amy Goodall The Easter break has just finished and thousands of students have come back to Leeds to resume studying. The massive influx of students into the city has given transport app Uber a massive increase in business, but is it good news for more local taxi companies? Recently drivers of…


Boom in Businesses as heatwave strikes

By Amy Goodall, Josh Brooke and Cody Doherty  England’s mid-April heatwave saw any available patch of grass in Leeds occupied by a mass of students and workers alike, grateful for every second of the early summer sun.   It seems as if even the briefest appearance of the sun is accompanied by a shared desire…


Leeds’ century-old Picture House

  By Finley Crebolder   Leeds is a city with a vibrant film culture and industry. Whilst the city has many larger chain cinemas and plays host to Leeds International Film Festival, the second largest film festival in the United Kingdom, its true pride and joy is the 104-year-old Hyde Park Picture House. Founded in 1914, the picture…

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