Can Hamilton make it a 6th F1 title in 2019?

By Harvey Nassau

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Lewis Hamilton has had five world titles in his racing career for the F1, bringing a net worth of 285million – some think that the 34 year old can have another win this year.

With his five wins 2019 could be another great year for Hamilton but is it time for a new star to rise up and kick their career off for the F1?

Hamilton has had 73 wins in his career which is impressive enough, he is a big star for racing fans and the industry and there is no surprise on him making 40million a year as he has earned it.

But because of his great racing career should new stars finally get a chance of winning the title and make their careers worthwhile? New people are racing every day and loving the sport and Hamilton is an idol for most, but is it time for new up comers to have the chance of winning to make them as good or even better as Hamilton?

Hamilton is well respected as he is ranked third in the world for fastest laps but that can change in 2019 if he doesn’t win the title. So can a underdog to the sport take over Hamilton’s spot and become the next big name in the F1. Will Hamilton proceed to shock viewers and win the title for the sixth time in his lifetime?

So far Ferrari has the most number of laps going at 708 laps which is eight more than Mercedes who is at 700.

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So could we see a new first time champion for the F1?

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