Has Brexit affected voter intention in Leeds?

By George Sanders

With the local elections taking place yesterday and the General Election on June 8 just around the corner, LTJournalism’s George Sanders and Jordan Rushworth went to ask voters in Leeds on how they thought each party’s campaign was going.

In a small sample of eleven people taken in Leeds City centre, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was perceived to be the most successful in promoting his campaign with five people stating that they believed he had been the most successful in campaigning thus far.

Prime minister and Conservative leader Theresa May was the second most popular with three of the interviewees believing she was the most successful.

Two of the interviewees contended that Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron was the most successful. The final interviewee didn’t believe that any of the three as mentioned prior were the most successful, but they did not wish to disclose who they believed to be the best.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

A recent Twitter poll also confirmed that Jeremy Corbyn was further perceived to be the most successful in promoting his party’s campaign, not just in Leeds of course.

Of course this small sample is not representative of Leeds’ voters. But the view that Corbyn was the best in gaining support is perhaps surprising, especially given that Conservatives have gained seats nationwide.

However it may not signify as to whether he has secured their vote, but instead if he has been successful in trying to rally support.


Interestingly Brexit seems to have played a key role in the local area when people take to the polls in the opinion of the interviewees.

Around half of the Leeds residents who we interviewed believed Brexit effected their intention, five of the interviewees believed it affected their vote ‘a fair amount’, with one resident also saying it affected their vote ‘a lot’.

Conservative leader Theresa May signing Article 50.

Three other interviewees believed that Brexit had played ‘little or no role’ on their voting intention, with the other one member of the public unsure.

If you’re living in the area of Leeds and want your say, let us know what you think in the comments!

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