By Charles Jones

Attic: The biggest tragedy Leeds has ever seen.

Attic was the greatest nightclub in the Leeds metropolitan area. All that history is gone, they have closed their doors permanently. The classic club had two rooms indie/rock and hip hop/R’n’B.

Attic veteran and Leeds Trinity University student, Jake Adkin, mourns the loss of the club saying: “Attic was a centre piece of Leeds’ culture and I can’t think of any valid alternative.”

Saturday nights were Attic. We will miss it dearly and nights out in Leeds will never be the same again. The Unique Selling Point’s of Attic were the cocktails and the varied flavours of VK’s that nobody else in Leeds could provide. Attic catered to everyone and it was a melting pot of culture allowing people who wouldn’t usually be around each other to get to know each other.

We will miss you Attic. You were gone too soon.

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