Arsenal Invincibles were still better than Pep’s City

By Nicholas Rowland

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Manchester City won the Premier League last season at a canter accumulating 100 points and beating almost everyone in their way last season.

However, the argument can be made that the 2003/04 Arsenal invincible team under Arsene Wenger are better and are the best British team in the Premier League era.

They won the league by going an entire season undefeated and also accumulating 100 points.

The 2003/04 Arsenal team arguably had better players than the Man City team that walked to the title last season.

For example, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp are probably better than Sergio aguero and Kevin De Bruyne. Thierry Henry scored 30 goals in the unbeaten campaign compared to Aguero’s 21 further proving why Henry is better. Robert Pires scored 14 goals compared to Kevin De Bruyne’s 14 goals. Also, the solid defence of Cole, Campbell, Toure and Lauren conceded 26 goals compared to the defence of Man City that conceded 27.

Kevin Mitchell of the Guardian called Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s title winning victory against Leicester City, the “most astute manager in the Premier League” and probably “all of football at the moment”.

Furthermore, the Arsenal team of 2003/04 had to endure harsh media treatment after their 0-0 draw with Man United at Old Trafford with Martin Samuel of the Times calling the Arsenal team “an outfit beyond control”, however, the Man City team of last season were the darlings of the media with them receiving constant praise in the newspapers and on TV week after week.

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