Are the Oscars still relevant?

By Shauna Taylor

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The Oscars, actors and actresses often dream of winning one, take Leonardo DiCaprio for example. The question that has been asked, and that many wonder is, are the Oscars still relevant? The Oscars have been held since 1926, and are still going on to this day.

This year’s Oscars have finished and it seems to have been exactly the same as last year. There have been accusations of racism, claims of having bad hosts after bad hosts, there are also claims that far too much money goes into the Oscars. “It’s very obvious what’s going to happen,” said Leona, a journalism student at Leeds City College. “It’s obvious which actor is going to win ‘Best Actor’… it’s just very predictable”. The clothes worn by celebrities is also a cause of anger, “the amount of money put into the Oscars is an ungodly amount”

Another opinion of the Oscars is that it is just as relevant as when it began, this is the opinion of a select group of people I have talked to. Kiera had said “They’re enjoyable!” Mellissa had said, “The suspense of waiting to find out who won, and supporting and cheering on your favourite!” Both of these people believe that the Oscars are still relevant, they enjoy the new dresses and suits worn by celebrates, they enjoy the emotions that come from the ceremony.  All in all, people have said it is relevant, because it is enjoyable to watch.

#OscarsSoWhite, a hashtag created by April Reign, makes us think about the racial diversity (or lack thereof) in the Oscars. This was a major movement in 2015, and is said to still be relevant in 2019. When Reign herself was asked about the hashtag and if it was still relevant, she said “absolutely yes. The statistics show us just what the diversity of Oscar winners is. For Actors there were 84% white men, 10% black men, 3% Hispanic men and 3% Asian men. Already we can see the huge disparity across the winners. For Actresses, 89% white women, 9%black women and 3% women.

In conclusion the question ‘are the Oscars still relevant?’ many would say no. Although people still enjoy them we can still see that there are issues surrounding the Oscars and that there is a huge problem with racism. In my personal opinion, the Oscars are not relevant. This doesn’t mean that they are going to stop, if anything they are going to carry on for years to come.

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